Lower Ezra Walian, Almere Kalah Telak from Lilipaly Club Ex

Lower Ezra Walian, Almere Kalah Telak from Lilipaly Club Ex

Ezra Walian failed to bring his team, Almere City, to clinch points when heading to SC Telstar headquarters, Rabobank Ijmond Stadium, in the eleventh week of Eerste Divisie, second league second caste on Sunday (29/10/2017).

Almere City have to give up 0-4 from SC Telstar, who also once reinforced Indonesian national team player, Stefano Lilipaly.

In the game, Ezra was installed as a starter by coach Jack de Gier and played for 70 minutes.

Almere City have been surprised by the home side with a quick goal in the early minutes of the game which left them behind 0-1.

Gol Telstar scored by Melvin Platje in the 12th minute by utilizing feedback from Toine van Huizen.

Almere City are trying to catch up even get a more difficult situation when the game time to show the 33rd minute.

Telstar makes Almere City getting left behind with a score of 0-2 through Andrija Novakovic goal that started from the bait Jerdy Schouten.

Almere City were unable to catch their two goals down until halftime.

Entering the second half, Platje appeared as a nightmare for Almere City through his goal in the 65th minute.

After conceding a third goal, Ezra was then pulled out to be replaced by Anass Ahannach.

Not enough with three goals, in the 86th minute, Telstar again added his advantage, this time through the execution of a penalty Mohammed Osman.

Left four goals can not be pursued by Almere City until the long whistle sounded the referee

With this result, Almere City immersed in the 15th position of the standings with a collection of ten points. Telstar climbed to fourth with 20 points. (Aulli Reza Atmam)

Telstar vs Almere City 4-0 (Melvin Platje 12 ’65’, Andrija Novakovich, Mohammed Osman (pen) 86 ‘)

Telstar (4-3-3): 1-Rody de Boer; 6-Frank Korpershoek, 5-Elso Brito, 21-Toine van Huizen, 2-Rodny Lopes Cabral; 8-Mohammed Osman, 10-Jerdy Schouten, 4-Jasper van Heertum (13-Donny van Iperen 66 ‘); 7-Mohamed Hamdaoui (Oussama Zamouri 87 ‘), 11-Melvin Platje (20-Shaquill Sno 78’), 9-Andrija Novakovich.

Reserves: Anass Najah, List Maarten, Leonard Chisom Johnson, Edo Knol, Floris van der Linden.
Coach: Mike Snoei

Almere City (4-3-3): 1-Chiel Kramer; 5-Josef Kvida (25-Khalid Tadmine 60 ‘), 14-Damon Mirani, 3-Calvin Mac-Intosh, 2-Kees van Buuren; 8-Jeffrey Rijsdijk, 20-Gaston Salasiwa, 13-Leeroy Owusu (6-Javier Vet 75 ‘); 17-Arsenio Valpoort, 9-Dennis van der Heijden, 18-Ezra Walian (24-Anass Ahannach 70 ‘).

Backup: Faris Hammouti, Delvechio Blackson, Silvester van der Water, Roy Pistoor, Mike Grim.

Coach: Jack de Gier

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