Perseru Reluctant Release Persela

Perseru Reluctant Release Persela

Perseru Serui pairs of targets gain points in the trip to the headquarters Persela Lamongan. Duel continued this League 1 will take place at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Friday (08/09/2017) afternoon.

Opportunity to get points is quite open considering the newly abandoned Persela trainer Heri Kiswanto. Although already appointed Aji Santoso as a successor but in the game later control team Laskar Joko Tingkir entrusted to caretaker Ragil Sudirman.

“I do not think that will reduce the quality of the game. In this case, we still have to be optimistic regardless of opponents, because Persela remain League 1 team. We remain the concentration of the team itself, whether Persela tomorrow there is a new coach or not, “said Perseru coach Agus Yuwono in a press conference before the game on Thursday 7/9/2017).

“Because I know, this Persela without a coach was also good player material, because I’ve also been here. But clearly, we concentrate on the team itself, “he said.

In the standings, Perseru inhabit the relegation zone because it is ranked 16th, just five points adrift of the level of Persela above it. Additional points in the game will be sure to revive opportunities Perseru escape from the bondage degradation.

“If we want to win we must attack. Logically it is like that. But because away, a point seems to be enough. About how we will get it, depending on how we play, “said Agus.

“Of course we will adjust. That means we play in the first or second half, of course that’s part of the strategy. We need points, Persela also definitely need points. So we have to work hard if we want the points, “he said.

The same is also expressed by captain Perseru, Arthur Barrios Bonai. He insists that they are ready to fight. Arthur also pulled out the fatigue after the team had to diving the long journey from Serui to Lamongan.

“We have two days in Serui and we have done the exercises. If the journey from Serui to here, we started from the Main Division already experienced it and for us, it is not new and it is usual, so we will still fight, “said Arthur.

In the second round of League 1, Perseru performance better than the first half. In some matches, they beat big teams like Madura United and drew a draw from Bhayangkara FC.

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